Danny Allen

Danny Allen

Youth Group / The Drums

Danny plays:

"Paiste cymbals have a brilliance not found in todays other cymbals. Simply brilliant."

Initially Danny's attraction to drums began with hip-hop. It wasn't until he was older that he realised it was the beats and furthermore, the samples, of the amazing drum sounds of loads of legendary 50's and 60's artists that he was really attracted to, rather than the electronic aspect. From there, like most young audiophiles, and with the help of bands like The Stone Roses, Danny fell in love with guitar-driven bands with very tasteful drummers and, although learning guitar first as some sort of starting point, his first kit would arrive as soon as he could afford it.

Being self-taught, Danny was always very careful with what he practiced to and was therefore influenced by. Playing along to bands like Built To Spill and Pavement were a huge influnece and a great way to get his head around a basic kit set up, without even feeling like he was practicing. Within months of buying his first kit, Youth Group had formed and were rehearsing Toby's songs with their first gig not long after. There's no faster way to learn than playing on stage and that's pretty much how it happened for Danny.

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