Kim Salmon

Kim Salmon

The Scientists / Solo

Kim plays AC30

“Having a Vox AC30TB behind me on stage is the difference between me knowing it’s going to be a great gig and just hoping for a great gig.”

Kim Leith Salmon is an Australian indie punk rock musician and songwriter.

Kim Salmon's most enduring legacy, and not one that he particularly tried for, will no doubt be that many blame him, or at least his band The Scientists, for 'grunge'. Kim's given up resisting. He just figures 'where there's smoke there's fire'.

Kim began writing songs in Perth's first Punk band, The Cheap Nasties and has continued ever since with such bands as the Scientists, the Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon and the Surrealists, The Business, STM, even a stint with the Blackeyed Susans, Antenna, The Darling Downs, SALMON, Precious Jules and his latest project with Scientist drummer Leanne Cowie, called simply Kim + Leanne. His scope covers punk and garage, old school hard rock, avant garde, folk, blues jazz, electro, country and of course grunge.

His lyrics are not confined to the narrative, but pretty much cover everything from abstract characterisations to just plain simple rhyming ditties.