Phil Jamieson

Phil Jamieson


Phil plays AC30CC2X (2), AC15C1X and Tonelab LE

"I like the exceptional tone and great look of these amps. They are great for the road - very robust and reliable."

Formed in Lismore during 1995, Grinspoon came to prominence via a national initiative from the JJJ network called Un-earthed. As the inaugural winners of this competition they quickly became favourites throughout the region and country. High demand and public request for the band's winning track Sickfest gave them the opportunity to tour nationally and work on new songs. They released an independent self titled EP later in 1995. After gaining significant experience from touring they were able to record another six tracks with producer Phil McKellar from JJJ. These tracks formed the basis for the EP Licker Bottle Cozy which was released in December 1996.

Two tracks from Licker Bottle Cozy became listener favourites on JJJ and one of them, 'Champion' also made it onto commercial FM. There was a limited release of 300 vinyl copies of Licker Bottle Cozy which have had collectors and fans scurrying everywhere looking for copies. As the band toured to support it, they began playing in front of bigger and bigger audiences, They commenced work on their debut album during February 1997 with Phil McKellar at Rocking Horse Studios in Byron Bay. During this busy period the band kept touch with their roots as they organised Jam Night gigs for local North Coast musicians and fans at their old haunt the Gollan Hotel. "The Difference is YOU" was written on many of the Jam Night shows and in many ways summed up the bands DIY attitude. This support of the development of other local bands who were getting started has left an indelible mark on North Coast music scene.

The band's debut album Guide To Better Living was released in September 1997 and debuted nationally at #11. The band hit the road in earnest and by the time the third single was released the album had gone gold. Constant touring throughout the summer of 1997/1998 found the band with a platinum album after the release of their fourth single Just Ace. During 1998 the band made their first foray into the overseas market when Universal Records in New York picked up the album. The band spent ten of the next twelve months touring America with bands such as Creed, Lit, Godsmack and Anthrax. Whilst over there they managed to record two new tracks which ended up on the 'Pushing Buttons' EP. This EP was released in September 1998 and since has gone double platinum.

Work on the band's second album Easy commenced in August 1999 with ex-pat American producer Jonathan Burnside (Nirvana, Melvins, Depeche Mode, Meat Beat Manifesto). Recorded in Sydney and mixed in Melbourne, the first single Ready1 included three non-album tracks and a CD-ROM component. The initial release of the new album included a bonus disc containing 11 live tracks from New Years Eve 98.

'New Detention' was next on the bands release list, with 12 tracks featuring 'Chemical Heart' and 'Lost Control'. The CD had a multimedia component allowing fans to visit the secret part of the official site to play special Grinspoon games. Produced, recorded and mixed by Phillip McKellar, the album was exquisitely worked and had a sound all of its own.

In late 2007 Grinspoon released their latest full-length album, Alibis & Other Lies.