Dean Wells


Dean plays:

“I have used many high end and expensive acoustic guitars in the studio before and I found with the Yamaha. LL16M it holds up sonically to those high end guitars but with a much lower price range. The LL16M plays like butter and it’s all I use now in the studio and live.”

Dean Wells- Lead Guitarist of progressive metal band TERAMAZE & modern metal band MESHIAAK.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Dean Wells represents a new generation of world-class guitarists. He not only reveres rock’s glory days and its masters, but he also has a clear vision of, and firm grasp on the new disciplines and technologies. Dean, along with other great luminaries are helping to re-define the role of the guitar in contemporary progressive rock. One has but to listen to Dean as he delivers an impressive one-two punch combination with his two current bands, Teramaze and Meshiaak, to know what can be said by a man who has truly found his own voice. Dean employs a vast array of tools from his skill-set that allow him to deliver just the right message at just the right moment. Whether it is from his new Teramaze CD “Her Halo” (MusicTheories/MLG) the new conceptual musical opus that takes progressive rock to dizzying new heights, or Meshiaak’s new “Alliance of Thieves,” a powerful, 2K, in-your-face re-imagining of the greatest moments of thrash-metal, Dean confidently displays an inspiring mastery of his instrument. But as accomplished as he is Dean will be the first person to say that musical virtuosity is no substitute good song writing. “The song is everything.”