Dick Straight

Dick Straight

La Bastard

Dick plays:

"Every Yamaha instrument I have ever played has felt like a piece of equipment that is punching well above its weight. The build and sound quality for the price is outstanding, and the playability is second to none. My BB1024X is a delight to play; it feels as solid as a rock and sounds absolutely massive."

Dick Straight plays 4-string bass in hard working Melbourne four piece La Bastard, described by some as Nancy Sinatra jamming with Dick Dale and the Gun Club at the best party of the year. More directly said, La Bastard are an eclectic mix of 50?s rock ‘n roll, 60?s surf and 80?s punk attitude. La Bastard formed late 2010 and quickly signed with respected garage rock label Off the Hip - Dick joined in late 2012 after their first album and just before the second was to be released. Since then the band has toured far and wide throughout Australia and is embarking on a European tour in September 2014.

Dick also gets down and dirty with Melbourne's Damn the Torpedoes - a stripped-down garage punk power-pop rock n roll machine. With short, snappy and to-the-point tunes made up of hook-laden melodic screaming vocals, jangly mangled guitars, rumbling bass fuzz and pounding drums - Damn The Torpedoes create a sound that sits comfortably between ‘wild drunken party music’ and ‘noisy music your girlfriend will tolerate’. Damn The Torpedoes are also on the touring circuit, even heading to Indonesia in June 2014. Dick goes through a LOT of bass strings.