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Nick Walker

Bane of Bedlam

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Nick plays:

"It is a surreal feeling to now be supported by such a revered Bass and Guitar designer. Of all the basses I have played through the years, my Yamaha is the closest thing to an extension of myself. In terms of playability and feel, these basses are unbeatable. The simple yet versatile design and on board controls suit me perfectly. The more I play her, the better she feels and sounds."

Since the age of 15 Nick has been obsessed with the bass guitar and its role in music, everything about the instrument appealed to him. Nick studied music throughout school, teaches music, has played in numerous bands, performed session work, and in 2008 he co-founded Bane of Bedlam.

Bane of Bedlam is an Australian thrash metal band from Melbourne. Their long awaited album "Monument of Horror" is produced by Dean Wells and contains artwork by revered Marco Hassman. Their music has been described as "...some of the most memorable and exciting thrash to come out in years" – Two Guys Metal Review (Paris).