Billy Davis

Billy Davis

Kimbra / Billy Davis

Billy plays:

"Yo my names Billy Davis besides being my own artist you can find me either in sessions playing keys for Multi-Grammy winner Kimbra, Australian Aboriginal Artist of the year Benny Walker and Denzel Curry amongst others. Whether live or in the studio I am very set on having the best and most unique sounds, the Yamaha Montage is my main weapon of choice with everything I do."

Will Rimington spent the last couple of years immersing himself into the fruitful local neo-soul & hip-hop scene, before joining forces with influential collective the Operatives. Taking on the alias Billy Davis, William assembled the group the Good Lords and dropped his first album Bad Ending independently in mid-2016. Now, Billy and his band are readying themselves to step into the spotlight with well-received single 'No Longer Lovers' the first taste of exciting new material quickly appearing on the horizon - with a second album scheduled for release later in 2017.

William himself is now a sought after live and session musician, finding himself playing keys for Multi-Grammy winner Kimbra and Australian Aboriginal Artist of the year Benny Walker amongst others. Known for the unique sounds he creates, William is very selective about the type of boards he use and found the Yamaha Montage perfect as the flagship for what he does, accompanied by both the Yamaha CS reface and Yamaha DX reface.

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