Cubase AI and LE Activation and Registration

Many Yamaha, Steinberg and third-party products are bundled with a version of Cubase AI or Cubase LE. Installation of these software titles are subject to Activation and Registration. This page gives you access to all the information you require in order to successfully activate and register your software.

Activating a Steinberg product means entering an Activation Code in an application called the eLicenser Control Centre (eLCC) to obtain a license which enables the software to be used permanently.

You need to register your product with Steinberg by means of a MySteinberg user account. It is through your MySteinberg user account that you can obtain Activation Codes to enter into the eLicenser Control Centre application.

To be able to complete the Activation and Registration process, there are certain things you will need…

  1. Cubase AI or LE installed on your computer
  2. A working internet connection and access to your email
  3. The latest version of eLicense Control Centre (eLCC) which is available from here
  4. A MySteinberg account. If you do not already have a MySteinberg account, you can create one here

All of the information you need in order to successfully complete the Activation and Registration process is detailed in our short video guides. Select the appropriate video guide for your version of Cubase AI or LE from the links below.